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Mountain Mamas Music Monday - the so much music on a school night edition

Hey Mamas!

Last week was wonderfully music-filled with some of my favorite bands. First, Mandolin Orange Monday at Washington’s in Fort Collins - this was the rescheduled date for the show that was cancelled due to our first “bomb cyclone” of the year (which worked out great for me since I was stuck back east and wouldn’t have been able to make it the first time around). If you ever get a change to see these guys live, I would highly recommend it. Powerful songwriting + amazing musicianship are always a good combination (I managed not to cry, but it was a close call there, especially after hearing some of the stories behind the songs.)

Later in the week, we had a mini-Mamas’ outing to see The Lonesome Days vinyl release show at the Bluebird Theater in Denver. The Grace Clark Trio joined with Andrea Pares and Olivia Shaw from Avenhart to show off some amazing harmonies. We are so looking forward to having Andrea teach us a thing or two about singing at our Camp in October!

Upcoming Mountain Mamas Events

  • August 24 - Soloing workshop with Bonnie Sims (Berthoud). Registration is now open, but class size is limited, so go ahead and sign up now to grab your spot.

  • September 15 - Guitar for Beginners with KC Groves (Denver area)

  • October 4-6 - Mountain Mamas Music Camp (Berthoud).

Other Events

6/19 - Bonnie & The Clydes // Shady Grove Picnic Series (Denver)

6/23 - Quattro De Tele (Longmont). This free show features some majorly talented musicians who will be showing off some of their top Tele licks. I’ll be there and you should come too!

What We’re Listening To

The Telluride Bluegrass Festival kicks off on Thursday! For all of you that are making the trip - I’m jealous, but I’m also thankful to the generous folks at KOTO.org who livestream about 95% of the festival for free. I know what I’ll be listening to this week. — KOTO's Annual Live Broadcast of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival

What We’re Reading

Plucked from obscurity: why bluegrass is making a comeback (The Guardian) - A quick, but still interesting history of bluegrass and how it continues to develop, change, and adapt over time (at least some parts of it do...)

Horses in the Back (Bitter Southerner) - Cultural appropriation, country music, and how a young Atlanta rapper is shaking up the music industry

Our Shared Focal Point (Bluegrass Pride) - At its best, bluegrass can provide a shared community and a shared experience through playing music.

Curiously though, bluegrass musicians have the rare possibility of forming friendships across divergent worldviews. There aren’t many spaces in the United States that allow people from radically different backgrounds to make meaningful connections.  Festival-goers run the gamut from religious fundamentalists to queer anarchists, but everyone is dead set on hanging out together for a week in some muddy field, picking tunes by firelight and howling at the moon. Shared music is the focal point.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and that I’ll see you soon at an event or show!

J. J.

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