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Mountain Mamas Music Monday - the Nashville edition...

Hey Mamas!

Can you believe it's only been a couple of weeks since camp? October has been a crazy busy month with Mountain Mamas camp, house concerts, family visits, and a trip to Nashville (check out the pics below). All good, all fun, but I'm ready for a bit quieter holiday season over the next couple of months.

Some things I've learned (or remembered) over the past few weeks...

  • It's fun to have music friends. I love my family and they're usually pretty willing to go to shows when I drag them along, but it can be so much more fun to nerd out with your music friends at a show. Who else wants to have in depth discussions about guitar licks, key signatures, chord changes, songwriting, etc? (Note: it's even better when you're seeing your friends perform!)

  • Show up and participate - even if you don't feel prepared, even if you might be in over your head. I've been attending a flatpick camp in Nashville for a couple of years and, wow, the instructors and campers are amazing guitar players! They also happen to be great teachers and really nice people and I learn so much each time I attend. Totally worth it to take the time out for myself. It's an inspiring place, y'all.

  • Sometimes you do win the (ticket) lottery - that's how we ended up with second row center seats to see Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit at the Ryman. I even caught a pick (okay, it hit me in the shoulder and I picked it up off the ground, but that still counts, right?)

  • Flying at 6:30AM is not fun, but is probably better than being stuck at the airport for an extra day. (Thanks for the early winter storm, Denver!)

Where to go / What to see

Things to read

Hope everyone has a great week! For those of you in Colorado, be sure to bundle up and stay warm. Also, safe travels to our friends, Bonnie and Taylor Sims, who are travelling to Sweden for a month to teach and play music. Can't wait to hear about that experience!

- JJ

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