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Mountain Mamas Music Monday - the makers edition

Good evening, Mamas!

What a crazy fun weekend! Kimberly and I (along with several other Mamas) got to help our friends at Wood Belly with their new music video. (Not a) spoiler alert - I got pretty good at lobbing toilet paper, waving angrily, and running in a mob. We'll definitely let you know when this one is released!

This weekend had me thinking about creativity, learning, new experiences, and old friends, so you'll see a mix of those topics in the articles and video below. As I get older, I find that I'm less interested in hearing about "how to" do something, and I'm much more interested in hearing people tell "how they" how they made mistakes, made choices, and learned along the way to become the person they are. Sometimes it feels like there are either no paths or a million paths leading you towards your destination, but the truth is that the important part is learning to enjoy the journey. Hearing stories from people who have been there before makes the journey-making just a bit less lonely. Thanks to all of you who (knowingly or not) are sharing my journey!

Where to go / what to see

First, we'll be hosting a Mountain Mamas jam at Kimberly's house on November 30. Please email us at info@mountainmamasmusic.com for the details. We hope to see lots of you there!

There are lots of great shows to see in November, but I wanted to jump ahead to December and let you know about a couple of shows that I'm planning to attend. Maybe with a bit more advance notice, we can get more Mamas to join in on the fun!

Things to read

What to watch

Music Maker - Jayne Henderson (Blue Ridge PBS)

Check out this amazing luthier and be sure to follow her on Facebook or Instagram to see her ukeleles and small body guitars.

One last thing... If you're looking for some new strings, check out Straight-Up Strings from Siminoff (a woman-owned & run company!). I just picked some up at my guitar camp and can't wait to try them out.

Hope y'all have a great week!

J. J.

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