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Mountain Mamas Music Monday - just in time, y'all

Hey Mamas!

I know I'm just getting this one in under the wire, but it *is* still Monday, so I guess that counts. I just finished watching the first episode of the new Country Music documentary on PBS and wow! It's definitely worth adding to your watchlist (even if it may take you a while to get through all 24 hours... no one ever accused Ken Burns of not being comprehensive!) Here's a little clip from the (honorary) first Mountain Mama, Maybelle Carter.

Ok, on to camp stuff!

Camp Updates

Can you believe camp starts in just a few weeks?! I hope everyone saw Bonnie's welcome video on Facebook and is just as excited as we are to get camp underway. Remember, we've added a new track for beginners this year, so tell your friends who may not play or who are just getting started, to sign up and join you for camp. For our intermediate and advanced campers, we will also have plenty for you to work on as well - whether it's soloing, improvisation, performance skills, bass runs, or songwriting tips, our instructors will be keeping you on your toes.

As a reminder, check out our Instructors page for more information about our teachers. Bonnie (our head cheerleader, who may hug you, or kick you in the butt, depending on the type of support you need at the moment - love you, Bonnie!) and KC (our bluegrass royalty, jam-leading queen) are returning as our core instructors this year and will be joined by Emery Pace (EP) Archer (who really can kick your butt, y'all - we used to do kung fu together. Seriously.), who is a multi-instrumentalist, singer / songwriter, and also an instructor at the University of Denver Lamont School of Music.

Also new this year, we'll have two specialty workshops - Wendy Woo will be showing us her cool slap-tap technique on Saturday afternoon (take a listen here) and Andrea Pares will get our Sunday morning started off right with some harmony singing (check out her band's 2019 Tiny Desk Contest entry here).

So remember...

1. Sign up now! Space is limited and we expect to sell out. Also, early bird prices end on 9/27.

2. Tell a friend or bring a friend. Share the magic.

3. Even if you can't make it this time, we still love you and will miss you!

Other Stuff

I am either doing work stuff or camp stuff for the next few weeks, so I don't have a list of shows for you this week. If you want to pull together an outing or a jam, you are welcome to use the Facebook group to do so.

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