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Mountain Mamas Music Monday... The Late Edition

Hey Mamas!

I hope everyone's week is getting off to a great start. Kimberly and I had such fun hanging out with several Mamas at the Front Country / Mighty Pines / Wood Belly show on Saturday! We look forward to more of these outings in the future, so stay in touch.

Camp and Workshop Updates

Good news! We're finalizing the dates and details with our instructors for three workshops this summer, so pencil in these (tentative) dates in your calendar:

  • May 4 - Strumming / Intro to Theory with Monica LaBonte- one-day workshop in Lakewood, CO

  • August 24 - Soloing with Bonnie Sims - one-day workshop (location TBD)

  • September 21 - Guitar from Scratch with KC Groves - one-day workshop (location TBD)

  • October 4-6 - Mountain Mamas Music Camp in Berthoud, CO

We will add more details, including descriptions, registration information, and course materials as they become available. As always, please let us know if you have an idea for a camp class or workshop topic. You can reach Kimberly and me at info@mountainmamasmusic.com.

What We're Listening To

When You're Ready (Molly Tuttle) - I really like Million Miles Away and Take the Journey

Front Country - Kimberly and I are big fans of this group. They're super-skilled musicians with amazing vocals and harmonies. Check our their Kitchen Covers series on YouTube.

What We're Reading

Searching for High John (Chuck Reece, The Bitter Southerner) - A great read about the Music Maker Relief Foundation and their engagement with Southern musicians, moving beyond documenting the folk music of the South to ensuring that the people who made the music do not have to live in poverty.

It's Never Too Late to Pick Up An Instrument (Strings Magazine) - Five tips for adult beginners that really apply across any new pursuit, not just instruments. See also: Why I Too Up Cello in my 60s (The Guardian)

Where We'll Be

After last weekend's ridiculous amount of good shows, it looks like this weekend will be a bit quieter. If you have a show you're looking forward to, let us know and we'll see if we can put together a Mamas outing.

Have a great week, everyone!

J. J.

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