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Mountain Mamas Music Monday - Give it 10 years

Hey Mamas!

For those of you who celebrate Easter or Passover, I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating the holiday with family and friends. Even though I couldn't make it back to Tennessee for our big family gathering, I'm glad I was able to visit with some good friends, see some live music, and jam a bit. We even managed to get a new tree planted (even if that did make for an interesting ride home from the nursery...)

I don't know about you, but sometimes when I go hear really good performers, my mind tends to bounce between - "Wow, that's so cool" "How do they do that?" and "Could I do that?" And sometimes the drawback of having friends who are amazing musicians can be feeling that your own skills are sorely lacking. One of the ways I snap myself out of this unproductive loop is to remind myself that the point of learning to play music (or do anything really...) is to enjoy the journey, not just the destination. In kung fu, we would hear "10 years is a good start", same message as the picture above - give it a decade.

Now, onto the fun stuff!

First, if you're interested in signing up for Monica's Strumming and Theory workshop on 5/4, sign up! It's filling up fast and should be a really fun day. This one will be in Lakewood, so tell your Denver-area friends.

Next, we have two fun Mountain Mamas events this weekend. On Saturday, we'll be heading up to Lyons to see the Wood Belly EP release show at the Wildflower Pavilion. If you haven't seen a show there, you should. It's a fun venue and, if the weather's nice, there may be a bonfire. (I was so jealous of the mom and child who brought s'more-makings last time! Lesson learned!) And on Sunday, we're having a Mountain Mamas jam in Boulder (send us an email if you're interested.)

What We're Watching

Carter Vintage instrument demo videos

If you haven't found these already, you should definitely check them out. Carter Vintage is an amazing music store near downtown Nashville and they frequently have top musicians stop by and play some of their most rare / fancy / special instruments. Even if you're not in the market for an instrument, it's worth it just to watch some of these pickers play. Check out recent guitar videos by Jake Workman, Jason Isbell, or Molly Tuttle.

Upcoming Events

4/26: Wood Belly & Avenhart at Wildflower Pavilion (Lyons) - Several Mountain Mamas are heading up to see our Wood Belly friends. Come join us!

4/26 - 4/27: FoCoMx (Fort Collins Music Experiment) - A weekend celebrating the Northern Colorado Music Scene: 2 nights, 30+ venues, 300+ bands. All for only $40!

4/27: Mountain Mamas jam (Boulder) - Hosted by our friend and Mountain Mamas alum, Meredith. If you're interested, send an email to info@mountainmamas.com and we'll send you the details.

5/4: Strumming & Theory Workshop with Monica LeBonte (Lakewood) - Space is limited. Sign up now!

5/4: Free Range Marmot EP Release Party (Boulder) - We're so excited for our friend and Mountain Mamas alum, Pam, as her band is releasing their EP. Check them out!

Try This Out

Strum Machine - This online (not app-based) practice tool was developed by a music teacher and player of bluegrass, old-time, fiddle tunes, and related music styles. Thousands of songs included or you can add your own. $5/mo.

Hope you have a wonderful week and that I'll see you at an event soon!

J . J.

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