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March is for Women Making Music

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a chance to celebrate International Women's Day yesterday by spending some time with other awesome ladies in their life. When Kimberly and I started Mountain Mamas, we weren't trying to start a movement, we just wanted to have a place where we could hang out and share music with other women. It makes me so proud and excited for the future when I see photos like the one below. I know we posted this on Facebook earlier this week, but I loved it so much I wanted to share it again. We are building a multi-generational community that brings joy, builds friendships, and generally makes life just a little bit better for those who are part of it. We hope you'll join us!

Multi-generational Mountain Mamas at The Cody Sisters' show in Denver.

Camp Updates

Note: If you're coming to camp and want to stay in Berthoud, please make your reservations soon. We recommend the Berthoud Inn, but there are also a couple of lovely Airbnb rentals in town and a brand new TownePlace Suites up the road in Loveland.

New this year, we'll be at Grace Place on Saturday. It's a beautiful facility; we're looking forward to sharing it with you. We'll still be at my house for dinner and a welcome jam on Friday night and will be back at Wildfire Arts Center on Sunday. The preliminary schedule has been posted to the website and we'll have course descriptions and other details posted later this week. (Kimberly and I love each of these locations, but we're also excited to stay altogether in one place for the Fall Camp in Wyoming. If you're interested in that one, please go ahead and RSVP. Tickets will be for sale starting June 1.)

Now, let's talk about two more of the teachers who will be joining us in Berthoud this spring, KC Groves and Monica LaBonte.

KC Groves

If you're involved with the bluegrass scene in Colorado (or otherwise), you've probably heard of KC. She's a supremely accomplished musician who is actively involved in the music scene in Lyons, CO (you know, home of Planet Bluegrass...) We are so fortunate that KC is also one of the nicest people we know and that she jumped at the chance to help us get the first Mountain Mamas Music camp off the ground. This year, she will be teaching bass in addition to guitar. Yay! For more info on KC, please check our her website and come see her band, Uncle Earl, take the stage at Rockygrass later this summer!

Monica LaBonte

Monica was another one of our original instructors and we're so glad that she's able to join us in March! I first heard Monica perform several years ago with Monocle Band and even picked up her CD, but I couldn't have imagined that I would have the pleasure of working with her one day. Monica writes powerful songs that are wonderfully showcased by her beautiful voice. (I really do love each of our teachers, y'all!) Monica will be teaching voice and ukelele at camp this year. You can learn more about Monica at her website, including when you can catch her at a show, either solo or with her Honeytree partner, Eric Wiggs.

Who you can support in March (and no, I'm not talking about politics)

If you like to support great music (especially led by great female artists), then here are two Kickstarter campaigns for you to check out.

  • The Sweet Water Warblers (campaign ends Tuesday, 3/10) - Transcendent harmonies and poignant songwriting from Lindsay Lou, May Earlwine, and Rachael Davis.

  • Front Country's Third Album (campaign ends Wednesday, 3/18) - I first saw Front Country perform at Swallow Hill Music in 2015. I really just went to see the local opener, but wow! I was blown away by Front Country and I've made an effort to catch their show whenever they make it to Colorado. Powerful vocals, great songwriting, and amazing instrumentals. I've backed each of their full length albums, so check them out and throw a little money their way if you're interested. Here's their most recent video in support of the new album:

What to do in March

Thanks for sticking with me! Stay tuned next week with more updates about camp, teacher profiles, etc. and don't forget, you can always reach Kimberly and me at info@mountainmamasmusic.com if you have any questions!

Have a great week!

J. J.

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