Mountain Mamas Music is an acoustic Americana music organization for women. If you’re looking to meet other women musicians or want to become one yourself, look no further. With our variety of classes, jams, social outings and supportive community, Mountain Mamas Music is the place for you!



Kimberly Burke and J. J. Breazeale met in guitar class at Swallow Hill Music and they have been fast friends ever since. They noticed there were not many women in their classes, or teaching, or at jams or on stages. Why not? Learning an instrument, playing and singing with others and the friendships that come along with that is amazing- and FUN. So one day they decided to try to do something that would get more women involved in music and connect the ones who already were. Kimberly & J. J. co-founded Mountain Mamas Music in 2019, a group dedicated to supporting women in music through community and education.

At Mountain Mamas Music, we value inclusivity and learning in music and beyond. We host camps, workshops & jams for women to learn how to jam, pick a solo, write songs, and play guitar/mandolin/banjo/bass/ukulele. We get together just for fun too, oftentimes to support another Mama's gig! MMM strives to provide a welcoming and safe space for learning, where you can stretch your creative expression without judgment. And meet some cool people along the way.

As you can guess, COVID-19 put a halt on our in-person jams and workshops, but we are working on some ways to be together, safely. Stay tuned! In the meantime, check out our ALL NEW ONLINE CLASSES.


Online Classes

  • ON DEMAND: How to Write Songs Inspired By Everyday Life with KC Groves
    Time is TBD
    Online Zoom Event
    Learn how to take inspiration from your everyday life and turn it into a song!
  • ON DEMAND: Songwriter's Jumpstart with EP Archer
    Time is TBD
    Online Zoom Event
    Whether you are an absolute beginner, not knowing where to  start, someone who has some experience writing but wants to take it to the next level, or a gigging musician that’s stuck and needs a new way through the creative block, this course will give you the BOOST you need.
  • ON DEMAND: Expand Your Vocal Toolbox With Andrea Pares
    Time is TBD
    Online Zoom Event
    In this workshop, we will begin to investigate how we can change our tone and technique to sing in any style. Get ready to play around and make some "silly" sounds and move our bodies a little bit! The goal is to really expand our vocal toolbox so that we can sound the way we want to sound.
  • ON DEMAND: Working With Contrast: How to Use Melody, Rhythm & Chords to Write a Dynamic Song
    Time is TBD
    Online Zoom Event
    In this workshop, we will dive into some simple tools using contrast in melody, rhythm and chords to help get your song out of a rut and into a beautiful and dynamic space.
  • ON DEMAND: Intro to Clawhammer Banjo with Saja Butler
    Time is TBD
    Online Zoom Event
    Basic chords and 4/4 and 2/4 rolls will be taught in this workshop. You'll come away learning how to TRULY play the original style of banjo with old time, bluegrass, and every and all types of music.




Colorado Symphony, University of Denver

Emery Pace Archer (EP) is a performer, composer, poet and educator. As a healer and humanist, EP finds inspiration in the underscore of energetically intense connection, collaborative performance art of all kinds and creative synergy. EP currently works as a Teaching Artist with the Colorado Symphony’s Very Young Composer program and as an adjunct songwriting professor at the University of Denver Lamont School of Music.

Their most recent release UNDERNEATH is an album of songs they currently perform on voice, violin, piano and guitar. EP is an advocate for LGBTQ+ community, especially those in the arts, and a proud member of the universal community of oneness, diversity and love.






Kimberly Burke and her family moved to Denver in 2011. She brought with her an old guitar she got in Austin more than a decade before and decided it was time to (finally) learn to play. Through taking lessons at Swallow Hill, Kimberly discovered the Colorado bluegrass scene and a sweet, silly & supportive community of musicians that she loves dearly and feels fortunate to call her friends. Inspired by her experience learning to play guitar, in 2019 Kimberly co-founded Mountain Mamas Music. Kimberly is also a recovering attorney, part-time design student and full-time wife & mom.




Thank you so much for putting together a safe place where I felt comfortable exploring new techniques, singing and group play. It was a supportive environment where I pushed myself to try something new. I look forward to the opportunity to attend more MM camps and workshops where I can continue to build confidence! I so appreciate this weekend I spent with friends, new and old. THANK YOU!

I am a lifelong learner and appreciated being at this workshop where I gained helpful skills and met amazing women!🤠☮️🎶

As a beginner, this camp was amazing! I left the camp more c0nfident in my skills and with new friends! What a treat to learn from and alongside some phenomenal musicians and women! I can't wait for the next camp!!

It was really inspiring and so much fun to sing and play with just ladies. So often in a jam I may be the only female. I look forward to more opportunities with the Mamas.

I had a wonderful time and loved learning from such wonderful ladies and spending time with great people!

THANK YOU to JJ and Kimberly for all of your hard work to make this happen. I feel super lucky to be a part of it and love feeling the camaraderie and encouragement from the other campers.



We like to sing together at the end of our camps. In October 2019, Andrea Pares taught us how to harmonize the chorus to "Redesigning Women" by The Highwomen and BRANDI CARLILE approved!! Check it out!

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